Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My First Fishing Day At Lake MacBride!

Hello Everyone,
I was at Lake MacBride just a few weeks ago and it was also the first time I have been there this summer. It was also on the second day of the free fishing weekend as I like to call it. That is when you are able to fish with out a fishing license. I was very excited to go fishing there, but we didn't get more than one fish. We went to a dock and fished from that dock, but nothing seemed interested. My dad had just given up and was realing his lure in faster then I was and just before bringing it up, a bass attacked it. My dad was not happy because he didn't want to go fishing and give up and then catch something. After a while, and at a different location, I saw a lot of carp at the top of the water and I asked my dad if we could go over there, and he said yes. So, we went over, put 3 big weights on my line and 2 bobbers on, and cast it out as far as I could. I never did catch a carp, but I did have fun. And that was my first fishing day this year at Lake MacBride.

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The Piper's Wife said...

Jonathan, this sounds like a great day with your dad :o)

So is a Bass a good fish to catch?

I am glad you enjoyed it even when you didn't catch much. It is the time that is spent together that really counts.