Monday, April 15, 2013

My Fishing Lures

Hello everyone,
I'd like to tell you what lures I like to use on normal fishing days. The first thing I try is a flashy lure, one that would catch the eye of a fish. Then if that dosen't work I try a more real looking lure, one that would tempt a fish to attack because of it's realness. Then if that dosen't work, I use a heavy weighted lure that might go farther than the lighter weighted lures.  The heavy weighted lures are called sinkers because they sink, and the lighter weighted lures are called floaters, because they float. I have all sorts of lures, the light weighted is  for fish that like to swim on the surface of the water or just below it like blue gill and crappie.  The heavy weighted lures are  for fish that swim deeper in a body of water like catfish and bass.  I also use fake worms, crayfish, and some little white "worms", which are actually bug larva. I also have fake fish themselves, like minnows, and some smaller, baby bass. I have lots more to come on fishing. Thank you for you time.

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The Piper's Wife said...

This is interesting--thanks for sharing.

I was going to ask you today if you have seen evidences of fish in your pond yet.